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Since the beginning of their joint work in the early 2000s, the paintings of Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille (born in 1974 respectively in Belgrade and Boulogne-sur-mer, live and work in Dijon) question, through the question of painting, its support and its subject, that of the reproduction of reality, the circulation of its representations and the production of fantasy.
Their paintings, watercolors and engravings"recycle", generally in series, pre-existing images extracted from magazines, films, websites or other media. These are recomposed by computer and repainted on a traditional canvas support, or recently of wood or paper.
Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille represent scenes in which glamor, pornography, still lifes, landscapes or film extracts rub shoulders, which they treat with maximum pictorial intensity that abolishes any hierarchy between the subjects. They also explore the possibilities of abstraction with paintings close to op'art, with others due to chance in particular made from their recycled palettes. Their works are often blurred by the use of silver juices, grids, dripping of paintings more or less masking the motif, thus distancing the subject. Recently, they also produced stereoscopic 3D images. The use of these methods reveals their desire not to represent reality but the media image of it, and manifests a certain humor, even an offbeat look at their own work.
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  • Le souvenir (d'après Jean Baptiste Greuze, 1787-1789), 2020.
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